“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It”

Periodic performance reports suited to a client’s needs. Creation of standard financials, custom metrics, and providing reports to lenders and investors.

Financial Planning & Analysis – Short and long term planning and analysis for fluid sales and cost scenarios. A business cannot plan and manage its resources without knowing how to respond to changes in the marketplace. Through financial planning, managers will get meaningful insight into the operations of their business and be able to better determine the outcome of their strategies and decisions.

Regular analysis of assets & liabilities to ensure long term liquidity and the maximum use of resources.

Data is extremely important when analyzing and running a business. From day to day sales & cost reports all the way up to annual financial statements for stockholders, maintaining and reporting accurate data is key to a business’ integrity and survival. J Franco & Assoc specializes in training and monitoring accounting staff to ensure correct and timely data entry. From this data we can provide management with regular financial statements, performance metrics and trends and we assist with bank and investor reporting. Having accurate, timely reports allows a business to be responsive to changes in the business environment, remain nimble and stay compliant.