Taxes & Compliance

  • Creation and filing of Partnership, LLC and (S) Corporation tax returns as well as creation of K1s for investors and timely creation of 1099s for vendors & contractors.
  • Strategize to maximize changing tax benefits in the short-run, while minimizing tax liability in the long-run.
  • Using tax strategic benefits to incentivize and compensate employees while saving them and the employers money.
  • Keeping up on changes in the tax code as well as state and local compliance and filings.

Taxes are one of a business’s largest burdens. Not only are taxes expensive, but they occur on so many levels. There are sales taxes, gross revenue taxes, corporate and personal income taxes as well as payroll taxes. Taxes are not only expensive in regards to cash disbursements but very time consuming and require close attention in order to avoid expensive penalties. J Franco & Assoc can help your business stay ahead of changes in the tax code, ensure timely filing of tax returns, and take advantage of benefits in the tax code.